The Department of State recently expanded on the Free and Open Indo Pacific Strategy that has become the hallmark of the Trump Administration’s engagement in the region. Speaking to reporters in Washington DC on April 2nd, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Alex Wong highlighted several themes within the strategy.

Key Themes in the New Strategy

  1. The United States wants nations of the Indo-Pacific to be free from coercion and able to determine their own paths in a sovereign manner while the societies of the various Indo-Pacific countries become progressively more free in terms of good governance, fundamental rights, and transparency.
  2. The strategy seeks a more open Indo-Pacific in terms of lines of communication, infrastructure, investment, and trade. DAS Wong noted that 50% of world trade transits Indo-Pacific sea lines of communication and continuing to keep those sea lanes open is vitally important to the United States.

“The United States seeks a free and open Indo-Pacific”

SeaGuardian MQ-9B in the Indo-Pacific

GA-ASI has seen firsthand how nations of the Indo-Pacific have prioritized the maritime domain and sought innovative solutions to counter coercion and adapt the rapidly changing dynamics in the region. Interest in the MQ-9B SeaGuardian has skyrocketed recently, spurred on by President Trump’s announcement that it would be the U.S. offering to the Indian Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS competition.

“Nations of the Indo-Pacific have prioritized the maritime domain”

The MQ-9B is our first commercially certifiable platform that has been through the rigor of commercial aircraft testing to ensure it meets all civil aviation requirements for uninterrupted flight in civil airspace.

The maritime radar on the MQ-9B SeaGuardian variant is designed to support open-ocean and littoral surface surveillance for border patrol, coast guard, and disaster relief missions. Combine this with the ability for the platform to stay on station for 30 hours at 500 nautical miles and you have an aircraft with unmatched reach.

“Relationships are the foundation of U.S. security and the security of its partners and allies”

Creating New Partnerships

We are very excited about the prospect of SeaGuardian contributing to a free and open Indo-Pacific and helping to build stronger bilateral and multilateral defense relationship. These relationships are the foundation of U.S. security and the security of its partner and allies.

Coupled with a networked security architecture, based on a common operating picture and shared ISR, the United States and its partners can be assured of an Indo-Pacific which is a new exporter of security around the globe.